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Hi, Eric here. Our philosophy at DatePerDay is that the best way to succeed at dating is to present yourself naturally. By learning and implementing my simple strategies in your daily life, you can be successful meeting and attracting the kind of person you are looking for. For both men and women, a lot goes into attraction – much more than just the surface-level stuff, like appearances, saying the right things, etc. I personally work hard to make sure students truly learn by changing their behaviors, not just the way they act on the surface. Each coaching program offers a different level of depth, but they all incorporate the principles that will produce lasting success.

I have offered consultation and coaching services for both men and women throughout the Washington D.C area. You may have seen me give a presentation on dating and attraction. Or, you may have seen me with a client at one of many social events throughout the city – but you wouldn’t know what we were doing. All coaching services are completely confidential.

Browse through the services and if you’re interested, leave your contact information. We will talk about what you want assistance with and work out a program to fit your schedule.

Eric Lercara

Free 30-Minute Consultation (Men and Women)

Call to schedule a free consultation to see what program would best fit your specific problem. Or, fill out the form below and one of our coaches will contact you shortly.

Phone: 703-424-6603

Phone Consultation (Men and Women)

Discuss your dating questions confidentially with Eric. Ask any dating-related question you have.

Price - $25/hour

Fashion Consultation (Men Only)

Bring your wallet and take a trip to the mall. You will learn the secrets of attracting women through fashion and style. These days you can’t dress like your old man and expect to get taken seriously. Women want a guy with a unique style. Find a style that fits your identity.

Price – $100 includes an initial phone consultation and approximately 3 hours at the mall.

Total Natural Immersion Tour (Men Only)

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Hell Week (Men Only)

Not for the guy who wants slow, steady progress – this is for the guy who wants to blast into success in the shortest amount of time possible. The name comes from the Navy Seal training program for a reason. The mission: total transformation into an attractive person. It’s up to you if you pass or fail; how bad do you want it?

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