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The Online Dating Bible

The Online Dating Bible

The Comprehensive Guide to Online Dating

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Photo Assessment

Just tell us where to find your photos and we will give you a powerful, detailed photo review

What you get:

  • A detailed assessment of up to 5 photos on your dating profile or via email

  • A review of each photo so you know what signals you are sending

  • Feedback so you know which photos to keep and which ones are costing you dates

  • Suggestions to improve your look and style

  • A female opinion on one of your photos

How you instantly benefit:

  • Instantly increase your chances of meeting more women

  • Gain valuable self-awareness that will help you choose photos on all social networking sites

For Women:

  • Get a man’s perspective on your photos and learn which photos men find most attractive

  • Discover actions you could take to instantly increase your chances of dating success

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Profile Review

Just tell us where to find your profile and we will give you a breakdown of your profile:

What you get:

  • A 3-4 page analysis of your online dating profile, including:

    A detailed analysis of the elements of attraction in your profile

    A photograph assessment with a female opinion of one photo

    Suggestions and tips to use in your profile

    Creative rephrasing of clichéd phrases

    A complete breakdown of the signals you are sending to women

  • A Free Photograph Assessment – Value $16.95

How you benefit:
  • Discover the flaws in your profile so you can stop wasting time and money

  • Gain self-awareness so you can feel comfortable how you are presenting yourself

  • Find out new phrases to use about yourself that will make you attractive to women online and in real life.

  • Increase your attractiveness and become more popular with the opposite sex

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Phone consultation

Just send us an email with your phone number and we’ll set up a time with you for a one-on-one phone consultation with Eric.

What you get:

  • A one-hour-long, confidential phone consultation

  • A Q & A format so you can ask any question about online dating or dating in general

  • The ability to speak openly about your dating concerns

  • A Free Photograph Assessment – Value $16.95

How you benefit:

  • Find out about yourself and the signals you are sending through your dating profile

  • Discover the proven line for getting the phone number that NEVER fails.

  • Take advantage of Eric’s years of dating experience to find the answers you are looking for

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Profile Rewrite

Just fill out a questionnaire and send us a link to your current profile if you have one. We will take care of the rest.

What you get:

  • Your own unique profile custom-designed to attract the kind of woman you are looking for

  • A profile that is custom-fit for the dating site you use most

  • A dating profile that uses the elements of attraction to let you present your best self

  • A Photograph Assessment – Value $16.95

  • You get The Online Dating Bible FREE! - Value $27.00

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