Why Online Dating?

by Eric Lercara

The Online Dating Bible

When I talk to guys about online dating, I sometimes hear: “I don’t think online dating is for me.” I’m getting it less and less now however. Something tells me it’s getting more popular.

And statistics show it is getting more popular. Here are some reasons why:

If you are a guy, chances are you want to date as many women as possible. Either you just want to enjoy the fun of meeting many girls, or you want to get experience with all types of women so when you’re ready to settle down, it’s with the right one – not just the available one.

And, if you’re like most guys, meeting women in bars and clubs is tough. Going from the opening pick-up line, to the phone number, to the date, is not something most guys can accomplish on a regular basis. I know because I’ve been there. And while I enjoy the challenge of approaching women in bars (and in coffee shops, malls, etc.), I’ve found that it’s nice to have a date lined up just in case.

Online dating gives you that opportunity. With a solid personal ad or online profile, the ability to have a date every weekend is entirely possible.

If you’re looking to get better with women – to learn how to attract and charm them, then online dating is a great way to do that efficiently.

Take this common scenario:

Billy is somewhat shy around women. He never really had luck with the opposite sex, and so he holds part of himself back when he is around women. When he sees a hot woman, he doesn’t know what to say to her.

Given his shyness, he almost never makes the first contact with an attractive woman. After years and years of this, and waiting for the woman to come and talk to him, he finally settles for a less attractive woman. Since he never got enough face time with women, he didn’t get the experience that would have taught him how to charm and attract the kind of girl he wants.

Now let’s see how Billy does on an online dating site.

He uses the writing tips from DatePerDay and gets himself a charming profile that uses the key elements of attraction. He takes sound advice on how to use only the right photos of himself so he looks attractive enough for a hot woman to date. Then he lands a date with a hot women.

Chances are Billy is going to fail. This isn’t a Disney movie. Boy meets girl and fails is a common dating scenario. However, Billy knows that the more experience he gets with women, the better he will be in the long run. So, he again leverages his dating profile to meet another single woman.

This time, he is a little more confident, since he’s been in the same situation before. She laughs at some of his jokes. He still fails to get a second date, but he feels sure that next time will be successful.

After a few experiences like this, Billy gains the ability to approach women in bars and clubs. The reason? He has been exposed to different dating scenarios, and the fear of rejection no longer bothers him. Furthermore, his ability to hold a conversation is far better now than it was before, because he has been forced to hold long conversations in coffee shops and restaurants.

The story with Billy is a common one. I’ve seen guys go from shy, socially awkward guys to expressive, outgoing, confident men. But there is no substitute for experience. And online dating is the best avenue to get that experience in a short amount of time.

First Impressions

Billy has a leg up with online dating when it comes to first impressions. Since he is shy, chances are he won’t even get to make a first impression with a female in a bar… and even if he does, it probably won’t be a very good one.

Online, Billy can make himself appear confident, socially savvy, and intriguing. If first impressions are as important as they say, then an online profile does most of the work for you.


It’s Inexpensive

Sometimes you hear people say that online dating is expensive. But it really isn’t. If you’re spending $200 a month on drinks at the bar, when all you really want to do is meet girls, then there are cheaper ways to do that. Most dating sites are available for around $20 per month. If you get 5 dates in a month, how much cheaper is that than getting one date with a girl you met at a bar? Do the math.


All the Women Are Available

When you go to a bar you may approach 5 women, if you’re especially ballsy. Out of those 5 women, 1 or 2 probably have boyfriends. Another one might have a friend who is dead set against you talking to her girl. That leaves 2 or 3 women out of 5 that are actually available to date. I don’t like those odds.

Online, every girl is available. You’ll never approach a girl and get a ‘boyfriend rejection’. So do your homework. Read up on the subject. Make an online profile that will get you more dates, more experience, and more attractive women in your life today.

Eric Lecara

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